A collection of 26 engraving artists’ paperworks as a box set.


The story “Matin Brun” by Franck Pavloff. “Matin Brun” is a short story and apologue, written by French writer Franck Pavloff in 1998. The title refers to the "Brown Shirts" nickname given to the Nazi SA militia. The story starts with a prohibition of the possession of dogs or cats that are not brown! This is for a good scientific reason….


With the lead of Louise Gros, and Silk Ink (Lithography Workshop, France) I joined the group of 26 engraving artists to illustrate a part of the story.


The “Matin Brun” project is presented both as independent prints and as a box set. The Serafine group participated in this project by creating a sound work with a CD.


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